mAbxience | Business Growth Story

Growth Story

  • 2010

    • Company formation under Insud Pharma (Europe).
    • Acquisition of PharmaADN, mAbxience´s Argentina R&D platform.

  • 2012

    • mAbxience Argentina biomanufacturing facility inauguration.

  • 2014

    • Acquisition of Genhelix, a Spanish biotech R&D center.
    • First launch of Rituximab (Novex®, Argentina).

  • 2015

    • Spain biomanufacturing and R&D center inauguration.

  • 2016

    • First launch of Bevacizumab (Bevax®, Argentina).
    • Global consortium established for the development of palivizumab biosimilar*.

  • 2017

    • Expansion of global access of Rituximab & Bevacizumab.
    • EMA GMP certification granted to Spanish facility.

  • 2018

    • Alliances with leading pharma companies in EU, USA, and Australia.

  • 2019

    • New partnerships in EU, Japan, Russia, Canada and other key markets.
    • Partnered worlwide with Bevacizumab biosimilar.

  • 2020

    • New state-of-the-art mAbxience biomanufacturing facility opening in Argentina.
    • Commercial presence via B2B partners in than 100+ markets.

  • 2021

    • EMA approval for Bevacizumab.
    • Manufacturing agreement for Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine.
    • Addition of Universal farma completed vertical integration from fermentation to.

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices

EMA: European Medicines Agency

FDA: US Food Drug Administration

*Programme endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the treatment of Respiratory Sincitial Virus in pediatric population